Worship Arts Onboarding


Next Steps:


Here is a brief questionnaire (should take about 5 minutes) that will fill you in on a few of our requirements and present the various opportunities we have for involvement:



On-Platform Interest: If you have yet to attend a rehearsal, try and make it out to one soon. They happen almost every Thursday evening @ 6:30pm, but if you want to confirm in advance, you can always reach out to mjolicoeur@mw.church directly.

Off-Platform Interest: Please join the serving Worship Arts Team for pre-service prayer on any Sunday morning @ 9:45am (we meet in the balcony of the Celebration Centre).  After prayer, we’d love to introduce you to some team members and give you a chance to shadow a role for the service.


In an effort to make sure that all members of the team are on the same page, we’re constantly working together to align ourselves vision-wise. To that end, here are a few brief videos that speak along those lines.  Please review them at your leisure (Off-Platform Team can skip Video 6), and then take a moment to engage with the relevant questionnaire for each video, the links to which are individually listed to the right of each video.

VIDEO 1 – Our Vision
VIDEO 2 – Our Mission
VIDEO 3 – Our Makeup
VIDEO 4 – Our Values
VIDEO 5 – Our Process
VIDEO 6 – Our Details


Here is a link to a General Volunteer Document that is used for all ministries across the church.  If you have already signed and returned it for another department, it does not need to be done again:



If you have yet to attend a Membership Class, please plan to do so in the near future (especially if you’re considering an On-Platform role). Lunch is provided, it shouldn’t take much more than an hour, and attending the class is not a commitment, just an opportunity.