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PRYME Student Ministries is all about embracing third place in a “Me First” world.  Jesus teaches in Matthew 22 that the most important thing is to put God in first place and to love others as much as we love ourselves.  We embrace third place when we put God first and others second.   This is what our name means and the heart of what we teach and practice.

PRYME is a real place for real students to meet the real God and practice real-life skills for real change in our real world.  We would love to have all students in the greater Moncton area be a part of our youth events each week.

On a typical youth night, doors open at 6:40 pm followed by check-in and a hang out time in our High School and Middle School youth rooms and the gymnasium. The best part is the great people and friendships you will make with 50+ students attending each week.

The night officially starts at 7:00 pm with some fun activities, prizes, and announcements of upcoming events. PRYME is committed to following social distancing rules and other Public Health guidelines while still having an awesome time with some even more awesome people.

Most weeks we have a live band, a challenge from the youth pastor or youth leader, and a time in small groups to get to know each other and wrestle with some tough but important questions about God and what it looks like to live for Him. Our youth nights end at 8:30 pm.

Come and join us and discover third place in your life.