Coronavirus Reopen Plan



(June 5, 2020)

None of us have ever experienced anything like this before.  Walking with wisdom is essential in days like these.

As Christians, we do not walk in fear! We walk in faith!  But we believe, biblically, that we also need to be respectful of our government’s attempt to keep this coronavirus pandemic contained. Each day the world is trying to learn more about this novel virus, but two things we do know: it is highly contagious and it can also be deadly. We don’t want to be the cause for Covid-19 spreading, especially not to the most vulnerable.

With smaller churches and many businesses beginning to open their doors, how do we proceed as a large church?


Current restrictions allow gatherings of up to 50 people, as long as caution and physical distancing is still in place.  This is wonderful news for our Small Groups (although you need to read what the province says about cautions for indoor gatherings of more than 10 ). For many of our groups, online will still continue to be the best option for now.

For those who are not yet part of a Small Group, we hope you’re beginning to see how essential this ministry strategy is to the mission of the church!  Sign up today at

Small groups pray together, study the Bible together, share together, and care for one another, while also seeking to reach out and serve our neighbourhoods in ways that bring glory to God.


Ministries like Celebrate Recovery, Pryme Student Ministries, Alpha, and Prayer Ministries have been thriving online.  Our Care Department continues to proactively call and care for the most vulnerable, keeping up to date on the needs of the sick and elderly.  Our Outreach Department has an online ministry called GetSupport, where people post needs and the church family rises up to help meet those needs. Our KidsWorld ministry continues creating videos and resources for families to disciple their children at home.


More good news! With restrictions loosening, we’re prayerfully planning ways to expand some of our “in-person” ministry options and outreach strategies. For example, we’re making great plans for appropriately distanced Youth Ministry, Celebrate Recovery, and other ministries that can divide into groups of less than 50 throughout the summer months! We’re also looking to do an outdoor service of some type.

There’s so much more we’re working on, so keep an eye out for some of the fun stuff we’re cooking up!


The big question that everybody wants answered: when are we going to be able to open the building for “in-person” Sunday services like we used to do?  We are exploring options with the province to determine if there is some way for us to do multiple “physically distanced” services in the near future.

But even if we’re able to have some type of physical Sunday gatherings, it might not be the experience you remember from the past. Chatting over coffee in the café, children eagerly racing to KidsWord, shaking hands, hugging your friends, filling the Celebration Centre with well in excess of 1,000 voices in a service simultaneously lifting the roof with songs of praise…these should not be part of our plans for the immediate future.  Stay tuned for what plans we can roll out in the days to come.

In the meantime, aren’t you grateful for what God is doing through live-streamed worship services?  Thousands of people are connecting each week with our online experiences and weekly teaching, and we pray that God will help us keep growing that online presence for years to come!


With any of Moncton Wesleyan’s future “in-person” events, services, and gatherings, please don’t feel pressured to come if you don’t feel comfortable. And for those whose health condition makes Covid-19 especially dangerous, please make wise decisions concerning your own safety.

Know that we will still do as much as we can in providing online ministries that connect with every age and stage of life. And one of the most important things you can do is pray and invite those who don’t know Jesus, to join us in experiencing the life-changing power of our risen Saviour!