February 10, 2019

Welcome to Moncton Wesleyan!

We are so excited for what God has in store this weekend. Pastor Joel will be sharing week four of our Mythbusters series; debunking the myths that mess with us.

Watch previous sermons online here!

If you are not yet a member, but you would like to learn more, you can join us for the next New Membership Class this Sunday after the service. Let’s join together as fully invested partners in what God is doing at Moncton Wesleyan!

Family Sunday is next weekend, February 17! We will be having a family oriented service together, followed by a FAMILY potluck in the Life Centre! Then, we will go down the road to Centennial Park for sliding and skating. Bring your own equipment, see you there!

NEXT will be happening February 24 after the service! This is a chance for newcomers to meet pastors, staff, and to learn about next steps in your faith journey. Pizza, drinks, and dessert are provided. Children are welcome. The event lasts for 45 minutes, and it is hosted upstairs in the Family Centre. Sign up at mw.church/next We’d love to see you there!

It hurts to lose someone. Find help at GriefShare. You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone. Sign up at mw.church/griefshare for the group starting Sunday, February 24, at 7pm in the board room.

PRYME Student Ministries is having a Parents vs Teen night! Parents, join us for a night at youth group with some special Parent Vs Teen Games! Come and show them what you are made of and worship together!

When you make Jesus Lord of your life, baptism is the next step! It is the public declaration of our faith in Jesus and we are celebrating this sacrament on Sunday, March 3rd.  Do you feel called by God? Write “BAPTISM” on your Connect Card and we will contact you or visit mw.church/baptism

Financial Update, Week of February 3

Received Budget Received YTD Budget YTD  Difference
General 34,978.54 34,000 1,416,741.87 1,420,000 -3,258.13
Building 1,444.83 1,400 84,801.38 82,100 2,701.28
Missions: Total Received & Invested 251,876.79

Here are the songs we’re planning to sing together @ Moncton Wesleyan this weekend!

If you’d like to listen to any of the songs we’re planning to sing in advance, please view either of the listening links below:

YouTube: goo.gl/VaBweP | Spotify: goo.gl/ALVa1Z

10 | Membership Class, after the service
10 | PRYME Small Groups, 6
14 | Valentine’s Day at Super Seniors! Couples games, best dressed in red wins a prize! Potluck lunch, 10a
17 | Family Church & Family Sunday Activities
18 | Family Day Holiday, Office Closed
18 | Wesleyan Women Heart for Missions Tea, Sheldon MacLeod from Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, 6
22 | PRYME Movie Night, 7
21 | Super Seniors, Pastor Marc & Pastor Buckingham message on Hope, 10a
24 | NEXT, after the service
24 | GriefShare starts, 6:30
27 | PRYME Parent Vs. Teens Night, 6:30
28 | Super Seniors, Special Guest Chantal De Alba sharing on Elder Abuse & Senior Bullying. Birthday Lunch, $5, 10a
9 | The Gathering, 9a
16 | Pregnancy Wellness Centre Gospel Night
27 | Hillsong Young and Free, tickets available on ticketwindow.ca, 7pm

Sun | Worship Service, 10:30a
Mon | Celebrate Recovery, 6:30
Wed | Midweek, 6:30
Thurs | Super Seniors, 10a