What’s going on with the Easter Bunny Blast?

With the evolving COVID-19 situation, as Christians we have an opportunity to demonstrate faith over fear. That doesn’t mean we ignore the practical measures, it means we combine those measures with faith, information and discernment.

One of those key practical measures to minimize the spread of the virus is to avoid attending large gatherings.  For this reason, Moncton Wesleyan has decided to cancel the Easter Bunny Blast which was scheduled for Saturday April 11th.

Easter Bunny Blast has grown in popularity year after year with attendance reaching over 3000. However, the event involves food, crafts and games that are highly interactive, particularly for children. This makes the flu-prevention strategy of social distancing impossible to practice.

Although we are disappointed to cancel Easter Bunny Blast 2020, we believe it is the wise, safe and responsible thing to do.

In His Service,

Liz Hoyt – Pastor, Children’s Ministries